Fishing Trip in Onon River East
(8 days)

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Drive to Onon River

 Depart in the morning to Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area. Picnic lunch will be brought for the day. On arrival at the Onon River all equipment will be unloaded. We will pitch camp and get organized. We will be able to fish the same afternoon.

(Tented Camp L, D)

HR Khagiin9
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Fishing in Onon River

 Six full days of exploring this beautiful and fascinating river, with the full support of staffs, rafts and camping equipment.

The Onon River is a major watershed for Asia. The river begins on the eastern slope of the Khentii Mountains just south of Russian Siberia and within the immense Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area (National Park), which is totally devoid of people. The river eventually joins the Herlen and Amur Rivers before entering the Pacific Ocean at the Sea of Okhotsk. Further down river we will reach the first inhabited areas. The majority of the locals are “Buryats“, a Mongolian ethnic minority, whose ancestors migrated over the border from Siberia early 1900s. Most families herd livestock. The primary form of transportation is still a horse. We will move further down river every day, pitching a new camp each night. A cook will prepare our meals, and perhaps, just a picnic lunch will be prepared for midday. We expect to make use of morning and late afternoon fishing, and moving during midday, provided this method is suitable for fishing.

Angling for wild fish in an inspiring alpine landscape. We fish in a variety of locations from tight spring creeks to the large main river. Eventually we will meet our support vehicles near Batshireet village, situated on the Eg River, a tributary of the Onon.

(Tented Camp B, L, D)

mongolia horses 062
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Drive back to Ulaanbaatar

Two days of return drive to Ulaanbaatar, with camping on the way. We will now travel overland, across the treeless steppes, making contact also with Mongolian nomads of steppes. Engage friendly chat with the help of your guide and share their incredible life story over barbeque prepared with hot stone and few shots of Mongolian vodka.

You will reach your hotel in Ulaanbaatar in the early afternoon on the second day. Afternoon is free time for last minute sightseeing. You might as well check the beautiful cultural show enjoy the colourful and rhythmic Mongolian dance, throat singing & admire the contortionists.

(Tented Camp B, L, D)